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What is telehealth?

What is telehealth?

22 February, 2017

A simple way to define telehealth is technology that helps caregivers do what they do best: deliver healthcare to patients. While still evolving, most professional organizations cite four major applications of telehealth.

As a healthcare marketing pro, your action plan should include creating clear, realistic guidelines and stories around each of these applications. Weave those stories into your branding.

  • Live video generally means two-way communication via audiovisual telecommunications. This can include patient visits, peer-to-peer consults, and diagnostics.
    Tell this story:  “Access and convenience for patients and caregivers.”
  • Remote patient monitoring generally includes real-time monitoring of patients from in-hospital to home. Some of the most successful applications include stroke, radiology, mental health, and ICU monitoring.
    Tell this story:  “Remote monitoring frees caregivers for more hands-on care while increasing safety for patients.”
  • Store and forward includes patient education videos, healthcare records, and specialists reviewing medical tests such as CAT scans.
    Tell this story:  “Seamless information system for both patients and caregivers.”
  • Mobile health is an evolving application which includes everything from delivering health tips and reminders to on-demand, face-to-face video appointments on smartphones.
    Tell this story:  “Healthcare beyond hospital walls.”

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