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How can we effectively communicate with our community about telehealth?

How can we effectively communicate with our community about telehealth?

17 February, 2017

“Telehealth gives us a way to bring these (healthcare) resources right into our communities,” said Wendy Deibert. “The result? Better outcomes and services for a wider population.”

Telehealth may provide an opportunity to extend your brand story to an audience who may not be familiar with your care options.

Challenges: Community members will have a range of healthcare concerns and expectations.

  • I have never visited your healthcare system. I don’t know anything about you. Why should I use you for my healthcare?
  • I am not a tech genius. Can I still have a telehealth appointment?
  • I have chronic health issues. Why should I consider using your healthcare system?
  • I am not familiar with telehealth. What can it do for me?

Solutions:  Let the community get to know you. Demonstrate that telehealth provides better access to care directly within the community including clinics and homes.

  • Tell your overall healthcare brand story. Telehealth is just a part of the larger continuum of care provided by your healthcare institution — but it may provide a new connection.
  • Add telehealth to your overall community outreach plan. Demonstrate capabilities and showcase ease-of-use.
  • Tell stories about decreased wait times, better access to appointments, and less travel.
  • Tell patient success stories to build trust and familiarity.

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