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How can we effectively communicate with healthcare staff about telehealth?

How can we effectively communicate with healthcare staff about telehealth?

1 February, 2017

“It’s not about bright shiny toys,” said Peter Kung. “It’s about how technology can improve and enhance what we are already doing. Take the technology and weave it into the workflow so that the clinical team sees it as the standard of care.”

Healthcare support staff are often the (overlooked) front line between patients and technology. Ensuring a smooth experience for both caregiver and patient is key to a successful telehealth program.

Challenges: Staff members must learn to schedule patients and deploy the technology behind telehealth.

  • What do I need to set up for this appointment? How much time should I schedule?
  • Has this patient ever had a telehealth appointment? What do I need to tell them?
  • Does the patient have access to a device that we support?
  • Has the caregiver ever done a telehealth appointment? What do they need?

Solutions: The best information you get about integrating (and improving) telehealth in your organization will come from the staff members who see and help your patients every day.

  • Document every part of the process. Include written, audio, and video explanations to make it simple for staff.
  • Make them the heroes. Show how they are helping patients and caregivers implement telehealth. (see Sidebar: Tell patient stories with care)
  • Help staff members create realistic patient expectations and positive outcomes.
  • Give them the tools they need to create a great telehealth experience.

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