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How can we effectively communicate with doctors and medical professionals about telehealth?

How can we effectively communicate with doctors and medical professionals about telehealth?

25 January, 2017

“How will this work? Will I need to learn 20 new things to track my patients?” said Wendy Deibert, CEO/Founder, The VirtualEngine.

“Physicians want a single, easy-to-navigate system. Nurses want to provide more hands-on care. Make it simple to care for patients.”

The American Medical Association says telehealth “can strengthen the patient-physician relationship and improve access for patients…”

Even though providers understand the potential benefits of telehealth, they have concerns.

Challenges: Some caregivers are concerned that telehealth will impact the way they care for patients.

  • Will telehealth will be a technological ordeal? Will this completely mess up my day?
  • Will it frustrate my patients?
  • Can I still be empathic across a video screen?
  • Will I have to learn a bunch of new logins and multiple systems to track patients and outcomes?
  • I have to go on-camera? Yikes!

Solutions: As you begin your plan, do a deep dive to understand how providers already work. Document and mimic those practices in your telehealth program.

Your goal: create a plan for single, seamless system regardless of how care is delivered.

  • Find a caregiver who is successfully using telehealth. Tell their stories and help them reach out their peers.
  • Emphasize seamless patient care and better outcomes.
  • Create clear standards around how video and audio are presented to maintain and extend your brand quality. Give caregivers the resources and guidance to meet those standards. Telehealth is not shaky cellphone videos delivered from random locations.
  • Document existing workflow so telehealth can mimic and enhance that appointment experience for caregivers and patients.

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